Positive performance in 2020 proves Pertamina’s commitment in refinery operation

PT Pertamina (Persero) through its Refining & Petrochemical Subholding PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional (PT KPI) throughout 2020 undertook various efforts to achieve the operational targets set in early 2020. PT KPI remains committed to providing national energy needs in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic challenges. By implementing the stringent health protocols in every Refinery Units, PT KPI is consistent and continues to strive in providing maximum performance throughout 2020.

As for some operating performance targets in oil flows in 2020, PT KPI has managed to materialize the target in the absorption of crude & intermediate products to be processed at Pertamina's refineries, which is 7.3% higher than the 2020 target, while the refinery products produced for consumption increased by around 11.5%. Of the total crude and intermediate processing at refineries, PT KPI is capable of producing a higher percentage of refinery products that can be consumed by the public, which is almost 4% above the target. Pertamina's refinery products are including Premium, Pertalite, Pertamax, Pertamax Turbo, Kerosene, Aviation Jet Fuel (Avtur), Solar & Biosolar, Dexlite, Pertadex, Polypropylene, Paraxylene and Benzene.

"The positive operational performance achievement in the refinery oil flows shows the  strong commitment of PT KPI's employees to bolster the fulfillment of national energy needs while at the same time still paying attention to efficiency and occupational health and safety protocols in refinery management," said Ifki Sukarya, Corporate Secretary of Subholding Refining & Petrochemical, PT KPI.

The positive achievement of oil flow operating performance is supported by the efficiency of product processing in order to reduce the energy consumption required to operate the refinery which is called the combined Energy Intensity Index (EII) for all refineries owned by PT KPI, which is 109.56% below the maximum target set at 111 % (the lower the better). The refinery reliability aspect has also improved based on the indication of the Plant Availability Factor, which is an indicator of guaranteeing the availability of refinery operating days in order to attain the production target for 2020, which increased to 99.47% from 99.12%.

Ifki explained that the positive operating performance is a performance consolidation of the 6 Refinery Units, located in Dumai, Plaju, Balongan, Cilacap Balikpapan, and Kasim as well as 1 TPPI Petrochemical Plant in Tuban, supported by more than 5,300 refinery workers who operate the refineries for 24 hours every day.

In addition to operating existing refineries efficiently, PT KPI also strives to optimize future national energy security, by committing itself to upgrade refineries in Indonesia, called the Refinery Master Development Program (RDMP). The program will push up the refineries capacity, improve product quality, and reduce the cost of production of fuel oil (BBM), which will boost foreign exchanges and tax revenues.

PT KPI is always committed to the sustainability of Pertamina Refineries by paying attention to the current and future supply & demand balance as well as the desires of stakeholders for the sake of energy security. In carrying out its noble mandate, PT KPI continues to pays attention to the safety of workers during working hours, outside working hours as well as in residential areas of Refinery workers.

"Pertamina’s International refineries always strive optimally to provide the best performance and more benefits for the Indonesian nation by improving refinery operational performance, paying attention to work efficiency and safety as well as materializing national strategic projects at Pertamina's refineries to achieve optimum profits and national energy security,"  concluded Ifki.

Editing by Roffie Kurniawan

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