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PT Aserra Capital;10 Positions

Posting date: May 17, 2022 Expiry date: May 31, 2022

PT Aserra Capital;10 Positions

PT Aserra Capital (doing business as Aserra Capital) is an Indonesian company located in Jakarta with a presence in the Netherlands and Indonesia that provides investment services. PT Aserra Capital is a significant shareholder of PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk (66.90 %).



General Responsibilities:

1. Coordinate and cooperate with related parties in the Project to prepare daily/weekly/monthly/yearly financial planning as needed.

2. Compile reports and analysis of divisions from the realization of the use of the Project budget on a daily/weekly/monthly/annual basis as needed.

3. Conduct awareness to all custodians/related parties in the Project about the realization or planned use of the budget.

4. Supervise the correctness of documents and the reasonableness of supporting data related to the accounting of income and expenses following applicable procedures.

5. Conduct reviews and corrective actions on all journals contained in the accounting transaction documents and General Ledger following applicable procedures.

6. Coordinate and ensure that the accrual bookkeeping records in the Project are appropriate for each period.

7. Cooperate with external auditors and group controllers.


1. Bachelor degree in Accounting.

2. Have a minimum of 5 years of work experience in the same position.

3. Have knowledge and experience in Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Management Reporting, and Cost Control.

4. Have knowledge in terms of financial and commercial aspects of the mining industry.

5. Have good communication and interpersonal skills.

6. Have the ability to analyze and make reports on maintenance and repair costs.

7. Familiar with finance programs (accurate, oracle, tax, and similar programs).

8. Have been vaccinated.

9. Willing to travel outside the area.

10. Placement in Jakarta (Head Office).

(put position you apply in subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Cost Control – PETROMINDO)


General Responsibilities:

1. Collecting and reporting invoices in accordance with certain deadlines.

2. Reconcile Account Receivable and Account Payable Balance data for each month.

3. Provide a list of billing invoices to the direct supervisor.

4. Follow up on existing invoices and allocate payments.

5. Updating the estimated cash flow receipts and Account Receivable arrears.

6. Input accounting journal data into the company's financial system.

7. Checking and verifying the completeness of documents related to financial transactions.


1. Bachelor Degree in Accounting.

2.  Well known about tax law/tax regulation.

3.  Having experience of about 3 years as an Accounting staff.

4.  Having good interpersonal skills and good communication skills.

5.  Familiar with finance programs (accurate, tax, and similar programs).

6.  Willing to learn new things to support the job and other things.

7.  Capable to handle any auditing cases.


(put position you apply in subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Finance & Accounting – PETROMINDO)


General Responsibilities:

1.  Understand the labor regulations related to PKWT/PKWTT/Employee probation period.

2.  Understand the procedures for BPJS social security and BPJS health.

3. Understand HR Regulations, government regulations related to employment for the mining sector.

4. Understand and be able to carry out HR Operations tasks (recruitment, training, payroll, OD, GA, and HR administration).

5. Able to perform monthly employee attendance reports (timesheets), checking contracts for catering, laundry, and mess vendors as well as other vendors.

6. Understand the procedures and calculation of employee overtime.

7. Arrangement of employee leave schedules and fulfillment of mess & transportation facilities for employees.


1. Bachelor Degree in Psychology/Human Resources Management/Law or related majors.

2. Have experience Min. 5 years in the same field, especially in the mining sector.

3. Age 27-45 Years.

4. Understand Employment law and Omnibus Law.

5. Have good leadership skills.

6. Proficiency in Microsoft Office & HRIS.

7. Have the ability to adapt to and good communication.

8. Detail-oriented & have good administrative skills.

9. Has been vaccinated.

10. Can join immediately.

11. Placement in Kendari, Sulawesi & Halmahera, Maluku for Site

12. Placement in Jakarta for Head Office.

(put position you apply in subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: HRGA Officer – Site or HRGA Officer - HO) please choose one.


General Responsibilities:

1.  Responsible for Health, Safety and Environment in the work area

2.  Field operational supervision

3.  Ensure the availability of heavy equipment units according to the plans from the Mine Engineer

4.  Ensure that the work plan and production targets from the Mine Plan Engineer can be implemented

5.  Ensure that the productivity of heavy equipment can be achieved

6.  Monitoring the readiness of Loading Point, Mine Hauling Road and Disposal

7.  Monitoring disposal capacity and stockpile

8.  Coordinate with Mine Engineer regarding field constraints

9.  Make daily and weekly reports


1. Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering.

2. Male, Max 40 years.

3. Familiar with fleet management system.

4. Min. 5 years experiences as PIT Engineer/Mine Engineer/Mine Operation.

5. Proficient in using Ms. Office & Surpac

6. Have a strong leadership spirit

7. Have a strong analytical mind.

8. Have teamwork skills and integrity.

9. Good interpersonal & communication skills.

10. Has been vaccinated.

11. Placement in Sulawesi.

(put position you apply in subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: PIT ENGINEER – PETROMINDO ) please choose one.


General Responsibilities :

1.  Report and be responsible to management.

2.  Coordinate the strategy of multi-site mining operations, correctly and adequately, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

3.  Prepare work plans and mining operation budgets based on short, medium, and long-term mine planning.

4.  Coordinate with the Department of Geology to carry out multi-site exploration.

5.  Ensure the achievement of production targets by taking into account the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall cost of mining operations.

6.  Develop strategies for achieving productivity and budget targets (KPI) efficiently, effectively, and taking into account safety factors (K3).

7.  Conduct daily monitoring and evaluation of all mining operation activities, to ensure the achievement of targets set by the company.

8.  Conducting detailed analysis of mining operation performance and compiling efforts for continuous improvement/improvement, as well as reporting it regularly to management.

9.  Develop a strategy for developing and improving all mining infrastructure (including stockpiles, haul roads, ports, and environmental management).

10.  Ensure that all SOPs and company policies have been implemented as well as possible.

11.  Develop strategies and coordinate the fulfillment of manpower needs of all departments

Develop strategies and lead the work coordination of all departments (Engineering, Geology, Plant, HSE, HR, GA, QC, and others).

12. Provide advice and information to management regarding the implementation of various laws and regulations related directly or indirectly to mining.

13. Represent the company in coordinating with the head of mining engineering (KTT) and all government agencies, based on management instructions.

Requirements :

1. Bachelor's Degree in Mining Engineering / Geology.

2. Maximum Age 46 Years old.

3. Have a POM/POU certificate (preferred).

4. Minimum 5 years of experience in the same position.

5. Able to operate mining software (advanced level) and MS Office.

6. Able to perform detailed analysis and simulation calculations. Have capability in multi-tasking (managerial, engineering, budgeting, costing, planning, directing, monitoring, controlling, organizing, problem-solving, managing people, reporting, and others).

7. Understand various external factors that can affect the sustainability of mining operations.

8. Have a good track record in terms of operational management.

9. Have good leadership, good analytical thinking, good decision-making, responsibility, and discipline.

10. Have good communication and interpersonal skills.

11. Placement in a remote area, Jambi.

(put position you apply in subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Project Manager  – PETROMINDO)


General Responsibilities:

1. Conduct operational risk assessments and design risk mitigation measures.

2. Develop all the required documentation, operational checks and reports for QHSE. Ensure that Management Systems are compliant with OHSAS 18001/2007, ISO 14001/2004 and ISO 9001/2000 standards, including corrective and preventive measures.

3. Monitor QHSE controllers in executing continuous audits and coordinate their audit schedule

4. Provide QHSE improvement proposals stating: the non-conformance, proposed corrective action(s), required resources for corrective action and plan of implementation. Investigate the root cause of HSE complaints put forward by staff members, customers, clients, and contractors and report the result to the Operation Manager.

5. Follow up to ensure that corrective actions are implemented where necessary and ensure that any certification requirements are complied with and Audit work is being performed with ''Safe Work Permit”.

6. Review and analyze accidents and near miss incidents and making corrective action recommendations

7. Supervise the regular inspection of firefighting, safety, and emergency response equipment.

8. Assist in developing and implementing field location emergency response procedures and evacuation plans.

9. Supervise medical emergency response preparation and Implementation.

10. Ensure that operation employees, contractors and site visitors receive HSE induction

11. Responsible for preparing written weekly and monthly HSE reports, statistics and presentations


1. Min Diploma in Engineering, with specialization in QHSE or related discipline.

2. Min 5 years relevant experience in Oil & Gas-Offshore Construction and Marine Industry.

3. Knowledgeable in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHA 18001, ISM, ISPS standards and HSE management systems is highly preferred.

4. Strong passion in HSE

5. Good MS Office skills particularly in Excel, Words and Power point

6. Able to work independently and meticulous

7. Have been received at least 2 times C-19 vaccines

8. Willing to travel outside the area

9. Placement in Head Office – Jakarta.

(put position you apply in subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: QHSE SPV – PETROMINDO)


General Responsibilities :

1.  Make regular HSE work programs and reports.

2.  Implement HSE management system according to company policies (HIRARC, ERP, etc).

3.  Evaluate HSE management system program both onboard and in the workplace effectively

     and efficiently.

4.  Check and maintain work safety facilities and infrastructure (APAR, PPE, Hydrant, etc).

5.  Develop HSE management system.

6.  Provide training on work safety to all employees.

7.  Cooperating with the safety committee.

8.  Maintain, manage and review document control.

9.  Assisting the HSE Department in the implementation of internal audits and external audits.

Requirements :

1.  Minimum a Diploma/Bachelor’s degree Paramedic.

2.  Maximum Age 40 years old.

3.  Minimum 2 years experience as Safety Officer (nickel is preferred)

4.  Have an SMKP certificate.

5.  Having experience in the field of ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 and QHSE 18001 is an advantage.

6.  Have good communication skills.

7.  Able to work individually and in a team.

8.    Have been received at least 2 times C-19 vaccines

9.  Willing to travel outside the area.

10.  Placement in Head Office – Jakarta.

(put position you apply in subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Safety Officer – PETROMINDO)


General Responsibilities:

1. Promote and market high-quality fuel oil (diesel) products to consumers in the mining, transportation, and logistics industry businesses.

2.  Achieve the company's sales targets that have been determined with management.

3.  Develop and discuss marketing programs with the marketing team to determine and implement the company's flagship marketing program.

4.  Maintaining good relations/relationships with existing customers/clients, as well as expanding business networking and building relationships with new customers/clients.

5.  Analyze market information and potential business opportunities to develop sales strategies that are innovative, creative, competitive, and profitable.

6.  Maintain the confidentiality of all client/consumer projects.

7.  Follow up the sales agreement process up to the technical payment.

8. Make reports on marketing and sales activities periodically.


1. Bachelor degree in marketing, communication, or related majors.

2.  Maximum age 35 years.

3.  At least 3 years experience in sales & marketing in the mining industry or the oil and gas industry.

4.  Proficient English language (both spoken and written).

5.  Have good communication, interpersonal relations, presentation, and negotiation skills.

6.  Have innovative ideas to overcome problems and obstacles in marketing & sales, as well as develop sales strategies.

7.  Having an extensive network of relationships, especially in the mining, transportation & logistics business.

8.  Optimistic, tenacious (persistent), never giving up, able to work under pressure, and able to work individually and as a team.

9.  Have high integrity, a good working attitude, high commitment, and loyalty.

10.  Mastering Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).

11. Have been vaccinated.

12.  Willing to travel outside the area.

13.  Placement in Kendari, Sulawesi.

(put position you apply in subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Sales & Marketing  – PETROMINDO)


General Responsibilities:

1. Develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy, report to management and provide decision support through HR metrics.

2. Manage the recruitment and selection process, support current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation, and preservation of human capital.

3. Manage Training & Development.

4. Oversee and manage a performance appraisal system (KPI) that drives high performance.

5. Design, develop and improve HR programs and initiatives.

6. Manage payroll processing.


1. Bachelor Degree in Psychology/Human Resources Management/Law or related majors.

2. Having more than 15 years experiences in managing the whole function of human resources; Recruitment, HR administration, Compensation & Benefit, Training & Development, Industrial Relation and Organizational Development.

3. Hands on and strong in Recruitment, HR Administration & Compensation Benefit area and familiar with payroll system and process.

4. Having a back ground in mining, oil & gas and energy, would be advantage.

5. Understand Employment law and Omnibus Law.

6. Understand the procedures for BPJS social security and BPJS health.

7. Understand HR Regulations, government regulations related to employment for the mining sector.

8. Have good leadership skills, good analytical thinking, and good decisions

9. Has been vaccinated.

10. Office base in Jakarta.

(put position you apply in subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Senior HR Operation Manager - Petromindo)


General Responsibilities:

1.  Responsible for Health, Safety, and Environment in the work area.

2.  Carry out safety briefings to operators regarding work-related matters such as unit position, work to be carried out, hazard indications, and others.

3.  Supervise Loading, Hauling, and Dumping activities.

4.  Ensure Loading point, Hauling Road, Disposal, and Stockpile readiness.

5.  Explaining job achievements, pending work, work area conditions, and others at the time of shift change

6.  Reporting and coordinating problems in the heavy equipment unit to Maintenance.

7.  Coordinate with Pit Engineer regarding Equipment Needs based on Daily/Weekly Plan.

8.  Prepare daily reports related to production achievements and constraints.


1. Bachelor Degree in Mine Engineering / Geology from reputable university.

2.  Have a POP-BNSP Competency Certificate.

3.  Minimum 5 years experience as a supervisor mine operation in the mining industry.

4.  Fluent in English (both spoken and written).

5.  Strong leadership, analytical skills, results-oriented, and able to work in a team

6.  Proficient in using SURPAC, Minescape Application, MS Office.

7.  Have been received at least 2 times C-19 vaccines.

8.  Placement in a remote area, Sulawesi.

9. Able to join immediately.

 (put position you apply in subject mail with PETROMINDO code. Eq.: Supervisor Mine Operation – PETROMINDO)



Please send your resume to: Recruitment@aserranpm.com

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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