Tuesday-Wednesday, July 5th – 6th, 2022 | Bandung

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Invited Speakers


Mr. Slamet Rachman Jaka
Technical & Mining Performances Manager at EPC Asia Pacific


Mr. Steven Combrinck
Innovation Manager – EIS & Technology Enaex Asia


Mr. Raden Haris Handayana
Deputy GM Technical Services & QC Hanwha Mining Services Indonesia


Mr. Guy Murchie
Orica WebGenTM Technical Specialist


Mr. Muhammad Faqih
Orica Technical Services Engineer


Mr. Riezky Yarin
Freeport Big Gossan Production Engineer


Mr. Lee Julian
Orica Digital Solution Specialist


Mr. Chandra Budiman
Orica Senior Specialist – Technical Services


Mr. Sean Rodger
Technical Manager – AECI Mining Asia Pacific


Mr. Kiswanto
Head of Mining Product Manager at Trakindo Utama


Mr. Seprin Asang Pananda
Mining Technology Product Manager at Trakindo Utama


Mr. M Syafiq Isnaya
Technical Services Specialist at PT Multi Nitrotama Kimia


Mr. Andhiko Maharjono
Technology Application & Bulk Product Manager DNX Indonesia


Mr. Dwi Handoyo Marmer
Blast Vibration Expert - IBES (Indonesia Blasting Engineers Society


Mr. Rizal Kasli
Chairman of PERHAPI (Indonesia Mining Professional Association)


Mr. Kiagus Nirwan
Superintendent D&B Operational at Kaltim Prima Coal


Mr. Iwan Purba
Senior Engineer D&B at Kaltim Prima Coal


Across the industries, company faces a highly dynamic environment that it is necessary for modern business to monitor and analyse technology trends as an opportunity offered by digitalization, and mining sector is not an exceptional in this regard. Management thrives in develop future-focused innovation activities that allow the company to adapt to the change and uncertainty.

The pandemic of Covid-19 has made digital transformation as one of the most important factors central to the development of the mining sector, especially in upstream and downstream process. Increasingly, it has been realized that an efficient drilling and blasting process can impact positively throughout the mining operations. Driven by the need to improve productivity, efficiency, safety, sustainability and profitability, there is a global shift of mining companies towards the application of automated technologies. Digitalization and automation in drilling and blasting has become a business imperative and increase business performance.

Despite all the digitalization and automation in drill and blast process, it still has its own challenges. This conference will explore on the potentials of automation and digitization in the various underground mining methods and the extent to which existing automation technology can be applied to each underground mining method, update you with the latest advances in drilling, rock breaking, bulk explosives, and initiating systems which are currently emerging in the market.


  • Networking among drill and blast personnel globally
  • Interpreting and utilizing the industry best practice rules on drilling and blasting
  • Exploring the latest global technology and innovation trends:
    Ground vibration and air blast monitor, Laser profilers, Fragmentation image analysis systems, Drones, Automation in drilling and charging, Machine Learning, Performance evaluation of drilling and blasting operations, Data collection, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and so on.
  • Optimizing costs with good blast designs and quality application
  • Complying with regulations and legislation
  • Managing environmental requirements for ground vibration, air blast, fly rock and fumes

JULY 4th, 2022

  • Shooting Competition
  • Armored Vehicle Parade (ANOA, BADAK, MAUNG, KOMODO & HARIMAU)
  • 'Tarik Panser Anda' Competition

RSVP: MS. DEFI (0813-1114-1269)

** RSVP No Later Than June 28th, 2022

JULY 5th - 6th, 2022

  • "Indonesia Mining Outlook"
  • "Underground Automation & Digital Technology – Shaping Big Gossan Freeport to More Productive & Safer Operation Through Reliable Orica WebGenTM"
  • "Delta E-Square"
  • "A View of a Smart Mobile Manufacturing Unit"
  • "HATS: Smart Solution for more Optimization and Sustainability"
  • "Shotrock Fragmentation Improve In Complex Lithology Condition"
  • "Blast Movement Modelling and Grade Control Optimiser – OREProTM 3D"
  • "Electronic detonators in development, how do we commoditise this application and unlock value"
  • "The latest technology for fly rock approximation & analysis as the critical Blasting impact"
  • "WALA : Everyday blasting with bulk explosive at densities 0.05 – 0.90 g/cc"
  • "Caterpillar Terrain for Drilling to Optimize the Drilling ad Blasting"
  • "Anticipating The Blasting Impact on Mining and Construction Projects"
  • “Controlled Surface Blasting Techniques Near Community to Achieve Optimum Blasting Volume Quantities at PT Kaltim Prima Coal”
Target Participant

  • Mine Managers or KTT
  • Drill and Blast Managers
  • Mining and Quarry Contractors
  • Mining Business Development
  • Geologists
  • Mine Inspectors (Government Officers)
  • Drill Suppliers
  • Explosives Suppliers
  • Drill and Explosives technology providers
  • Mining Consultant
  • Forward thinkers who keen to drive their Drill and Blast operations forward and stay Ahead of the curve

6th Drill and Blast Conference

Call for Papers

Did you have a recent breakthrough on a project? Submit your findings for a chance to present your work at the Asia Pacific’s largest conference on blasting technology, explosives engineering and mining efficiency.

Abstracts for the 6th Conference on Drill & Blast Technique (to be held 5-6 July 2022) are now being submitted to the Committee.

Papers addressing all explosives and blasting related topics will be considered. Accepted papers will be scheduled for one of the technical sessions or the Blasters Forum, a multimedia poster event with one-on-one interaction between the author and the audience.

Abstracts of approximately 200-400 words are due by May 10, 2022. Please contact us if you do not receive confirmation within two weeks of submitting your abstract.

For More Information Please Contact

Mr. Agung Wibowo
0811 1752 587

Mr. Juju Juanda
0812 5525 727
Abstract Send:

About Organizer

PERHAPI (Indonesia Mining Professional Association), together with Petromindo.com (Indonesia’s leading mining and energy news) and ASPRODISPA (Association of Explosive Importer and Distributor) are proudly hosted The 6th Drill and Blast Conference 2022.

This Conference has established since 2011 and recognized as one of the key international Drill and Blast events.

Organized by

Perhapi Petromindo Asprodispa ibes
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July 5th – 6th, 2022


*) Including Conference Materials, Coffee Breaks, Luncheon *) Disc 20% for member of PERHAPI and IBES *) Cancellation Fee : 7 days before the event : 80%
(Zoom Webinar)
*) Including webinar recording *) Cancellation Fee : 7 days before the event : 80%

The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung
(Also Live on Zoom)

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