2022 Mining Heavy Equipment Outlook

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Friday, April 8, 2022 | 14:00 – 15:30


Soaring coal prices in recent years have been supporting the much higher demand of heavy equipment in mining industry. While miners are rushing to ramp up output volume, most heavy equipment manufacturers cannot immediately deliver the needed supply due to prolonged pandemic.

The government targets the coal production output will reach 663 million tons in 2022 from last year of 625 million tons. The coal price benchmark (HBA) in January 2022 was US$158.50 per ton.

Pandemic causes longer delivery time of heavy equipment from manufacturers to the miners’ jobsites. Heavy equipment production capacity significantly dropped during the pandemic last year.

Although the market demand showed a positive sign, but manufacturers could not immediately recover the production capacity to the pre-pandemic level.

The supply and demand gap is usually compensated by the imported heavy equipment. Unfortunately, the pandemic also disrupted the production capacity of global heavy equipment manufacturers and coupled with the logistic issues to deliver the heavy equipment from origin countries to destination countries, including Indonesia.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Association of Indonesia (Hinabi), recently said that heavy equipment demand was dominated by mining industry and then followed by construction sector last year.

The webinar will be held in Bahasa but simultaneous translation into English will be provided
The webinar would explore among others:
  • Demand and supply trend of heavy equipment in mining industry in 2022
  • Digital disruption on heavy equipment for mining sector.
  • The most pressing challenges and inefficiencies in the fast-changing mining landscape, and how these can be addressed?
  • Opportunities and challenges facing mining heavy equipment sector.
  • Fuel management strategy to improve efficiency on heavy equipment
  • How is the lack of heavy equipment available impacting supply chain efficiency?


14.00 Introduction and opening remarks
14.10 Heavy equipment outlook for mining industry – Opportunities and challenges facing mining heavy equipment.
14.25 Digital transformation on heavy equipment in mining industry – what to expect in 2022?
14.40 Carbon emission vs eco-friendly heavy equipment: Where are we now?
14.55 Fuel consumption optimization technology on heavy equipment to reduce cost, improve productivity
15:10 How imported heavy equipment to meet the supply and demand gap?
15:25 Heavy Equipment Talk

Understanding how technology innovation in heavy equipment could help the coal miners to implement cost efficiency in production operation?

What new technologies are available now to increase operational effectiveness of small scale mines?
16.00 End of Webinar

Friday, April 8, 2022
14:00 – 15:30


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